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Troniqa is a property of Tezzhull focusing on the areas of lighting, SLA, and UPS batteries. One of the few Barcelona-based distributors of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Troniqa is also a merchant of various solutions for sustainable illumination and light switches.


Adberf™ in association with Tezzhull SL © is a multidisciplinary design and visualization studio based in Barcelona. We are established in Barcelona, but there is no call to visit us as in the internet age the communication opportunities are endless. Throughout years of cooperation with great creative minds from an extended variety of different countries, we have acquired a fair method of communication that empowers us to prepare and operate evenly while creating your scenes.

Unique projects provide us with occasions to regularly advance our abilities in high-level 3D technology. Each scheme is valuable to us and we cherish long-lasting exchanging bonds that we have been able to develop in the past decade and continue looking for new calls and visual solutions. We not only supply you with outstanding assistance in the field of CGI and VFX but also assure you an immediate awareness and versatility through the entire creation event.

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Wunowun originated as a Merchandise for the Rapper/Singer Bestone, but happened to be more than only an artist merch. Wunowun is to design a world where you own absolute liberty to be true to who you are, without judgment. To explore. To denote yourself. To be confident and seize growth as the extraordinary adventure it is. We make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to discover all the marvelous characteristics they’re capable of – no matter who they are, where they’re from, or what looks they like to boss. We survive to give you the courage to be whomever you want to be.



Producer, singer, songwriter, and music engineer with the stage name 'Bestone', also going by the name of 'Everlasting Bestone', started his musical career as an experimental Hip-Hop/Alternative artist at the age of 14. He was officially signed to Tezzhull in the year 2019.

Nearly 3 months since his debut title “Billie Plan” Bestone re-emerges from his hiatus with a fine-tuned grasp on his craft, "Fire Lamborghini".

The Barcelona based artist is best recognized for his clean and pure musical structures and immaculate yet subwoofer-booming drums. Bestone, with a baritone vocal range, balances the right combination of Rap, singing, and harmonious performances. His sound continues to grow as he blurs the lines between unusual & familiar. 

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